How to Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro

Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro

Guys in today’s guide I will teach you How to flash stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro.If you have already installed TWRP recovery, then you can’t install Stock ROM through TWRP recovery because Honor does not provide stock recovery ROM like Xioami Or OnePlus does.It’s quite unfortunate, but we cannot do much really about that.To Flash Stock ROM  on Honor 8 Pro, we have to follow some weird method as compared to other devices because you do not have to boot into the fastboot mode or something like that.I am going to show that procedure in today’s article, So without any further a due let’s get started with How to Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro.

Honor 8 Pro’s display size is 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at 515PPI(Pixel Per Inch) with corning gorilla three protection and weighs 184 Grams.Honor 8 Pro has Android Nougat 7.0 running on it and is packed with HiSilicon Kirin 960 processor.The Honor 8 Pro’s dual rear camera packs 12MP(Mega Pixel) sensors with f/2.2 aperture and the front camera pack a single 8MP(Mega Pixel)sensor with f/2.0 aperture.Honor 8 Pro comes with 64GB internal storage and 4GB of RAM.It has a battery life of 4000mAH.Honor 8 Pro costs 30K or $465.

Before we get started with How to Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro, have to download some things which are compulsory.


  1. Download the stock ROM Zip file or the firmware zip file, and you have to make sure that you download the correct firmware of your regions.For example: If you live in India then you have to download the Indian firmware, If you reside in the USA then you have to download the USA firmware, etc.Download specific firmware for you region from XDA website
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Steps to Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro

  1. Once you are done with downloading the Firmware zip file, extract it.
  2. Once the extraction has completed, you will find one folder over there click on that, and then you will find D Load folder.
  3. Now you have to copy this D Load Folder into a memory card which should be at least of 8GB.
  4. Now attach the microSD card to your PC, and we need to format the memory card into exFAT or NTFS.This is because the Fact 32 which is the default format of the memory card does not allow us to copy a file which is more than 4GB.The stock zip file contains one file which is more than 4GB.
  5. Going to format, select exFAT over here and select format.
  6. Now you have to copy the complete D load folder into the memory card(you do not have to create any extra folder in the memory card).
  7. Now once the D Load folder has copied to the memory card, remove the memory card from the PC.
  8. Now insert the memory card into the honor 8 Pro’s hybrid SIM card slot.
  9. Now once that’s done switch off your device completely if you are on any custom ROM.Then if your device is not booting, then(If you are in the boot loop or anything like that then switches off your device completely).If you are in the boot loop, you have to hold the power button for few seconds.Once the device is switched off, hold the volume up and volume down buttons together and after just one second and press the power button too until you see Honor’s boot logo.
  10. Now the device will automatically recognize the memory card, and it will automatically know the D load folder which we had copied into the memory card.
  11. Now you do not have to do anything it will automatically flash the stock ROM and it will automatically lock the bootloader and will remove the TWRP Recovery and root access and any ROM which you had installed in your device.If you want to claim your warranty but do not want them to know that you had unlocked the bootload or if you had flashed a custom ROM, then follow this exact method which I showed above.
  12. Now once the stock ROM is flashed completely after around 10 minutes, the device will boot back into the system.
  13. Now you can setup your device normally.If you go to your setting, then you will not find any system update, but as soon as you insert a SIM card, you will see the update.
  14. Now your device will look like a new device which was just bought.
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Now we are successfully done with How to Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro.If you have any queries related to How to Flash Stock ROM on Honor 8 Pro then just comment below this article.So I am signing now and see you in the next one, till then Stay tuned.

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