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iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5 :Which one is better?

iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5

Apple and OnePlus both are reputed smartphone vendors in the industry and both have come up with their new smartphones which held a battle in the industry names as iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5. With the launch of OnePlus’s first device the OnePlus One, it boomed in the smartphone market. The smartphone was a killer beast for the price offered. Both these companies focus mostly on Flagship devices and with the launch of $999 iPhone X, Apple took to some next level.

The OnePlus 5 starting at 32,999/- delivers with something that none of the smartphone at this price can provide. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 825 octa-core chipset, the most powerful processor available right now in the market. The 16+20MP rear cameras do all the pending work in terms of camera quality. Although it does not have any specific certification, the CEO Pete Lau in an interview said that ‘OnePlus 5 has some degree of water resistance.’ The phone has an Optic AMOLED Display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It supports Dash charging, that is the fastest charging available for smartphones. The fingerprint scanner is mounted on front and is lightning fast.

The Apple iPhone X starting at $999 has a bezel less design with 18:9 aspect ratios. It is powered by Apple A11 Bionic hexa-core chipset. The 12+12MP rear cameras with OIS would provide you with really beautiful and amazing pictures. It has IP67 water and dust resistance certification. The phone has a Super AMOLED Display that is scratch resistant. This is the first ever iPhone to support fast charging. The phone lacks a fingerprint scanner and has FaceID unlock feature instead. Lets have a look regarding the features of iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5 battle

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iPhone X vs OnePlus 5

The toughest competition between iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5 has really got some good specs, following is the differentiation between them too.

  1. * iPhone X has IP 67 water and dust certification that OnePlus 5 lacks but the CEO Pete Lau said in an interview that ‘OnePlus 5 has some degree of water resistance.’
  2. * iPhone has a bezel less design but its 2017 and OnePlus has still not shifted to bezel less trend.
  3. * OnePlus 5 has lighting fast Fingerprint scanner that Apple removed from iPhone X without any prior reason.
  4. * OnePlus 5 has a 3.5mm headphone jack that Apple removed from their phones with the launch of iPhone 7 last year.
  5. * OnePlus 5 supports Dash Charging, the fastest charging available in the industry and this is the first time Apple introduced fast charging in their iPhones.
  6. * Apple introduced wireless charging in iPhone X that OnePlus 5 still lacks when it is 2017.
  7. * Apple won’t provide any fast charger or wireless charger with the box while OnePlus provides Dash charger out of the box. You need to buy them separately.
  8. * iPhone X runs on iOS 11, so you won’t be able to customize your device. Whereas, OnePlus 5 runs Android has a huge development support that lets you customize almost every element of phone.
  9. * Price of iPhone X starts from $999, that’s damn high for a smartphone that didn’t offered anything new. Whereas, price of OnePlus 5 starts at $515 and the phone provides with almost everything you need in a decent smartphone.

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iPhone is literally overpriced and you even don’t get air pods, fast charger, wireless charger inside the box and you need to buy them separately. They even removed the app to find air pods when they are lost so you need to buy a new pair. All this will make Apple earn more profit.

Whereas, OnePlus always focused on customer satisfaction and provides worth the value phones. The OnePlus 5 has Dash Charger out of the box and is almost half the price of iPhone X. It even provides you better features than it.

But all is up to you which one would you prefer and why. These were just our thoughts and opinions about both of these phones. If you are a guy who wants to waste $999 on a smartphone then you can have an iPhone but if you are a geek who really knows about the truth get a OnePlus 5 for sure.

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