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Jio Phone FAQs – All Questions Answered

Reliance Jio has made announcement about releasing their new feature phone called ‘India Ka Smartphone’ which means India’s smartphone.First their were rumors that this phone will be launched at the price of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.But at last it was launched at the price of Rs 0,which actually is not Rs 0 it is Rs 1500 as you will get the Rs 1500 back once you return the phone safely after 3 years.So guys many people have many questions related to this phone,So today we are here with Jio Phone FAQs – All questions answered.

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Jio phone FAQs

Q1) Do i have to buy a new Jio sim, if i get a new Jio phone?

Ans: Yes,you have to get a new Jio sim for a new Jio phone.You can get the sim through your adhaar card details instantly by ekyc method.

Q2) Rumors are that we will get the phone on 15th august but some places the date is 24th august.So what is this?

Ans: By 15th august Reliance Jio ‘s stores,employees,partners and distributors will get phone in testing format and by 24th august all consumers can get the phone.

Q3) what is this Rs 153 plan?

Ans: Reliance Jio has launched a new plan of Rs 153 only for this phone.In this plan everything is unlimited like voice calls and video calls but you will get only 500 MB data.But if you want 1 GB data then you can go with the Rs 309 plan.

Q4) what will happen if i don’t recharge my phone?

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Ans: If you don’t recharge you Jio feature phone then you number will get unactive. According to TRAI if you don’t recharge a particular number in 90 days then you number will no more be active.

Q5) When and where to pre-order this phone?

Ans: You can pre-order this phone from 15 th of august.You can pre-order this phone for official Reliance Jio’s website,Reliance Jio digital store and any Jio partner store.

Q6) What is selfy quality on the Jio phone?

Ans:Reliance Jio feature phone will have many models as in a leak before about the Jio feature phone the phone did not have a front camera.But in the launch event mukesh ambani ‘s son gave a demo about the Jio feature phone and that phone had a front camera.Update:The Jio feature phone has a 0.3 Mega-pixel camera.

Q7) Will Jio feature phone have hotspot?

Ans: So there are going to be around 5-6 or 10-11 variants of the Jio feature phone.The phones having snapdragon processor are going to have hotspot.But the hotspot will be locked for the 1st batch of phones so that you don’t abuse the hotspot.But then later Jio will unlock the hotspot(it will unlock automatically as it will be a software lock).

Q8) What apps can be used on the Jio feature phone?

Ans: The Jio feature phone will have the KAI Operating System which is a custom OS.It is not confirmed that you can install apps or apk like android.But it is confirmed that it will have Facebook and YouTube app pre-installed.But Whatsapp’s app for this feature phone is still in development.

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Q9) Difference between Rs 153 and Rs 309 plan?

Ans: In both plans you will get unlimited voice calls and video calls.But in Rs 153 plan you will get 500 Mb/0.5 GB data and in Rs 309 plan you will get 1000 MB/1 GB data.In the Rs 153 plan you will have access to JioTv,Jio Play etc but you cant stream them on TV using the cable but in the Rs 309 plan you can stream.

Q10) Will Jio feature phone have dual sim ?

Ans: No,Jio feature will not have dual sim it confirmed.You will be able to put only Jio sim as only that’s compatible with 4G Volte.

Q12) Will Jio feature phone have bluetooth?

Ans: Yes,the Reliance Jio feature Phone will have Bluetooth.

Q13)Will Reliance Jio feature phone have GPS?

Ans: No,mostly Reliance Jio feature phone will not have GPS.

Q14)Which voice assistant does Jio feature phone have?

Ans:Mostly this phone has Google search base voice assistant.

Q15) Does Jio feature phone have WiFi feature?

Ans: Yes, Jio feature phone does have WiFi feature.

Q16) What is the TV dongle and the cable ?

Ans:You have to buy the TV dongle and the cable separately.You have to connect the cable to the dongle and the dongle to the TV.One side of cable gets connected to the phone.

Last Word

According to me I have cleared all the Jio Phone FAQs. If any of your Jio Phone FAQs is left then please comment below I will add it in the post.

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